mother’s bistro + bar case study

Portland, Oregon // Lisa Schroeder CCP, Chef + Owner



1| Protect the restaurant well so the Mother's team can focus on what they do best—create delicious, homemade favorites using quality ingredients and serve them to guests with love

2| Find a risk management partner who shares Lisa's passion, attention to detail and commitment to quality

3| Develop a long-term partnership with this Portland culinary institution


—Engage Fournier Group

—Leverage the agency's experience, expertise and relationships to secure the best possible coverage and earn the Mother's team's trust by advising, problem solving and advocating on the restaurant's behalf throughout the insurance process

—Provide ongoing proactive, responsive personal service and optimal risk management solutions


Mothers and Fournier Group have enjoyed for many years a mutually beneficial partnership rooted in trust, three-star Michelin personal service and top-quality risk management