morel ink case study

Portland, Oregon // Bill Dickey, Owner (in glasses), with team member



1| Secure cost-effective, comprehensive insurance coverage for this locally owned and operated commercial printing/direct mail/promotional products business, allowing owner and staff to focus on what they do best

2| Provide ongoing outstanding personal service to Morel Ink

3| Help Morel Ink take its risk management to the next level


—Invest time to understand and stay in-the-know on the spectrum of risks facing Morel Ink's business, management and ownership

—Shop the marketplace and advocate on Morel Ink's behalf, leveraging Fournier Group's well-established relationships with the leading carriers

—Conduct annual risk management reviews, communicate proactively, problem solve, make recommendations and take action when needed


Since 2010, Morel Ink and Fournier Group have enjoyed a mutually beneficial risk management partnership, plus a shared commitment to the community.