flaherty case study

Vancouver, Washington // John + Marilyn Flaherty



Provide top-quality service to—and build a meaningful, long-term relationship with—the Fahertys*

*The Fahertys sold their 20-year-old insurance business, Portland Insurance Agency, to another local agency. That agency sold to a national broker, causing the Fahertys to miss their personal connection with—and the high level of service provided by—their former (and own) agency.


—Apply Fournier Group's defined service platform to the couple’s specific needs

—Conduct annual insurance program reviews, communicate proactively, make recommendations and take action when needed

—Continue to serve the local community, a core value shared with the Fahertys and their former agency


Since partnering with Fournier Group, the Fahertys have enjoyed optimal coverage, first-rate personal service and peace of mind to pursue the next chapters of their lives worry-free. The Fahertys have been valued clients of Fournier Group for multiple years; several of their relatives also trust their insurance—both personal and business—to Fournier Group.