be the good

Community service is a cornerstone of Fournier Group. Through our company-wide service program, annual agency nonprofit and financial contributions, we help our communities, each other and ourselves thrive.

fg service program

We encourage employees to volunteer. They may do so for nonprofits of their choice—and up to 30 of those volunteer hours each year are on agency time. In other words, Fournier Group pays every staff member to volunteer almost four days every year! This is just a kickstarter—most staff volunteer many more hours annually on their own time.


In 2018, we volunteered 1,015 hours in total and were recognized (again) by the Portland Business Journal as one of the most philanthropic small businesses in our region.

annual agency nonprofit

Employees also nominate deserving organizations and vote for an annual agency cause. Staff volunteer their time and contribute financially to that nonprofit throughout the year.


some of the causes we support