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We broker a broad range of insurance for the aviation community nationwide. Whether you fly your two-seater for pleasure on the weekends, operate a fleet of business aircraft or something in between, we can deliver the right protection.

Our aim with every client: secure the best possible coverage and premium and provide stellar personal service.

Passionate, experienced and licensed in all 50 states, our aviation team knows well the ins and outs of this specialized marketplace; has strong relationships with aviation groups and the spectrum of insurance carriers, and is fully dedicated to moving the needle skyward as your insurance co-pilot!


policy types



We provide coverage for

  • all aircraft makes and models, including Vans, J-3 Cubs, experimentals, King Airs and jets
  • single aircraft and flying clubs
  • hull protection or liability only
  • student as well as fully certified pilots
  • breach of warranty at no extra premium (if you have a loan)


This type of policy covers negligence by you as a non-owner/renter pilot such as a bad landing or fuel starvation. An accident resulting from an aircraft malfunction is covered by the owner’s/FOB policy.

Coverage applies in whatever aircraft you fly or rent, so long as you meet policy parameters:

  • you fly for pleausre or personal business only
  • your aircraft has (1) a non-turbine engine with 450 HP or less (including non-powered sailplanes) and (2) a max capacity of 7 passengers
  • you have a standard, experimental or light sport certificate, or you're a certified flight instructor


An industrial aid policy provides protection for the non-commercial (no charge) use of aircraft to transport employees and guests where the aircraft are piloted by professional pilots employed for that purpose. The aircraft may be corporate or individually owned or rented.



The Beech Blanket™ insurance plan is designed specifically for owners of Beechcraft airplanes and members of the Beech Aero Club (BAC). Fournier Group is the exclusive endorsed agency of the BAC.

Benefits of the Beech Blanket™ insurance plan include

  • coverage for the perils facing Beechcraft airplanes, plus agreed-value coverage, which means your reimbursement in case of a total loss is pre-set and will not be lowered by depreciation or a decline in market value
  • focus on you and first-class personal service by our dedicated team of aviation specialists
  • coverage customized to fit your needs, experience and flying style at full value
  • yearly shopping to different carriers to ensure the best coverage and lowest price
  • if your plane is exceptional, coverage to exceptional limits
  • coverage can be written for owned as well as borrowed/rented airplanes nationwide and extends to the Bahamas, Canada, Central America, Cuba and Mexico


We provide coverage for all kinds of pistons and turbines used for pleasure/personal business or commercial purposes.



We provide coverage for all kinds of float planes customized to fit your needs.



We provide the full spectrum of commercial aviation protection including

  • instruction + rental — for up to two named pilots or more operating a single ship or aircraft fleet

  • part 135 — scenic flights fitting Part 91 parameters as well as full Part 135 policies; assistance with documentation and FAA paperwork provided

  • fbo operations — premises liability, products liability and hangarkeepers policies

  • d+o — coverage for officers of airport associations in the event of lawsuits

  • aerial photography/advertising — for 50 hours or fewer or more than 50 hours of aerial work for compensation

  • pipeline patrol — policies tailored to specific pipeline patrol operations



Whether you're flying your unmanned aircraft system (UAS) for pleasure or business, we can provide the protection you need.

UAS are becoming increasingly sophisticated and more prevalent in populated areas. Liability insurance covers loss, damage and injury in the event of a crash as well as lawsuits for invasion of privacy.

Coverage can be purchased in blocks of 1 hour, 4 hours and 8 hours.



We provide life insurance for pilots who fly for pleasure as well as commercially for airlines or corporations. Policy settlements can be used to cover your family’s education and living expenses, and to pay mortgages and schools debts.


We’d love to chat about your goals and how we can make a difference for you—get in touch! We specialize in personal and business insurance as well as aviation protection.