our aviation insurance history 

a legacy worth growing

Through Aircraft & Marine Assurance (A&M), Fournier Group’s aviation insurance heritage extends back almost half a century. Fournier Group acquired A&M in 2018.

In 1976, self-starter and airplane aficionado Norris Hibbler wanted two things: to fly and to incorporate flying into his business. So he started helping a few people with airplanes and jet boats get insurance.

Two years after hatching A&M, Norris purchased his first airplane, Sweet Girl, a Grumman AA1B and personal dream come true. Grummans were difficult to insure, and premiums were high. Norris worked closely with the American Yankee Association (AYA, aka The International Grumman Pilots Association) to secure favorable group insurance for members. He searched for five years to find a willing carrier and helped grow AYA membership beyond levels needed to support better group coverage.

Over the next two decades, Norris and team’s dedication to the aviation community never wavered, and A&M’s staff, clientele and business blossomed. Fournier Group is honored to carry on A&M’s legacy—and soar to new heights—as your insurance co-pilot.